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The Best Online Stores for Your Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

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Christmas is only a few days away, and in the “home stretch,” there is generally a lot of rushing around and last-minute shopping. It never fails: every year, we promise ourselves that this won’t happen again and that we’ll buy everyone’s Christmas presents in advance. But every year, we keep procrastinating (“I’ll get around to it, I have all the time in the world”), and suddenly that Christmas Eve dinner with our family is only a few hours away.

If you’re reading this article, it’s because you, like most of us, need a little help finishing your Christmas shopping by December 25. Fortunately, in today’s article we have a roundup of the best online stores where you can buy all kinds of tech-related gifts… and have them delivered to your door in the nick of time! We hope you find it helpful.


At the top of our list is Amazon, the famous online macro store founded by Jeff Bezos. It’s a place where you can find literally anything imaginable, from the latest iPhone to more outlandish items like a resistance parachute for running. In fact, if you can’t find it on Amazon, it probably doesn’t exist. This is why it’s great if you need to quickly find a specific gift, or, on the contrary, browse multiple products without having to visit different websites.

One of Amazon’s great advantages is its ultra-fast delivery system. In fact, if you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can have any product delivered in 24 hours without paying for shipping. But that’s not all, depending on the city where you live or the time you place your order, you may be able to receive your gift on the same day. For these reasons, Amazon has unbeatable service compared to similar online stores.

Another interesting point about Amazon: if you’re out of time and need same-day delivery, you can use its Prime Now service. It lets you purchase certain Amazon products and receive them at home in just two hours. While Prime Now is mostly for items you could find in a supermarket, it also has toys, video games, memory cards and a wide variety of electronics. The only requirement is that you have to be an Amazon Prime customer.

One last tip: if you’re in a real pinch and can’t wait 24 hours for your gift to arrive, Amazon sells eGift cards that you can give your family and friends so they can buy whatever they want. That way you’ll be killing two birds with one stone: your gift will arrive in time for Christmas and you’ll be getting the person something they like.

As you can see, shopping on Amazon has lots of advantages, and the biggest ones are its wide selection of items and guaranteed on-time delivery of everything you buy. You can check out the Amazon catalog here or download the mobile app below.

  • Amazon
  • Amazon Prime Now


GAME is the perfect website if you’re looking for a good online store specialized in video games with a nice selection of electronics. This multinational has been around for a number of years and is known for its excellent service and many advantages for members.

The GAME catalog contains the top video games in the market, and you can even reserve upcoming releases. One of the biggest advantages of shopping on this website is that, aside from being able to buy new games, you can snag older, harder-to-find titles thanks to its selection of pre-owned games. Also, if you’re a GAME member, you’ll earn points for every purchase that can later be redeemed for discounts on the site.

As for delivery times on GAME, orders are generally delivered in 24 hours if the item is in stock. Depending on the city where you live, GAME even offers same-day delivery, so you would definitely receive your presents in time for Christmas.

If you’re really tight on time, GAME sells digital gift cards that can be used in the store or for online services like PlayStation Network, Xbox Live/Game Pass or Nintendo eShop. Best of all, it’s immediate, so you don’t have to wait for a package to be sent and delivered to your home.

You can browse the GAME catalog by clicking on this link, or by using the mobile app, which you can download below.



MediaMarkt is a popular online store that tech fans adore. It sells all kinds of products, from TVs, phones, laptops and tablets to video game consoles, appliances and even scooters to ride around the city. The discounts are generous, so for many, it’s the perfect site to buy a nice gift while saving a little money.

As for delivery times, MediaMarkt promises to deliver your order to your door within a maximum of 24 to 48 hours. That’s perfectly fine in normal conditions, but if you’re in a rush, keep in mind that you’ll need to place your order at least a couple of days before Christmas.

You can check out the MediaMarkt catalog by using the mobile app, which you can download quickly and conveniently below.



If you’re crazy about computers and are looking for a store that designs and sells the best products for your PC, be sure to check out PcComponentes. With years of experience in the sector, this website has a huge catalog that you can use to design and build your perfect computer part by part. But that’s not all: if you’re in the market for a laptop but don’t know which one to buy, the store has a useful tool to help you select the best one for you.

Along with a superb catalog centered on the world of computers, PcComponentes sells all kinds of cell phones, gadgets and appliances that you can buy to surprise your loved ones. And if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, there’s a selection of outlet and refurbished products to fit any budget. But that’s not all: if you’re still not sure what gift to buy, have a look at the special Christmas section with hundreds of ideas to help you.

Regarding the shipment and delivery, you’ll receive your order from PcComponentes within 24 hours. That’s why it’s a great option to buy the perfect gift in time for Christmas. You can visit the official PcComponentes website here.


If you like video games but don’t find what you’re looking for on GAME, we suggest visiting Xtralife. Designed for gamers who use both PCs and consoles, this online store has an extraordinary catalog of the newest games along with more vintage titles. The site also sells lots of video game merch, including figurines, stuffed animals, nendoroids and all kinds of items that will thrill any collector.

One of the best things about Xtralife is that it sells games for a truly competitive price, and each order includes a little gift from the store’s team. In addition, if you reserve a title on Xtralife, you are guaranteed delivery on launch day or a bit earlier, as soon as the store has the item in stock.

Like other online stores, Xtralife also sells gift cards for online services for consoles (PSN, Xbox Live / Game Pass / Nintendo eShop, etc.) as well as PC (Steam, Origin, etc.) and streaming services (Netflix, Movistar +, Spotify, HBO Spain, etc.). That way you’ll be sure to receive your gift immediately and have it all ready for Christmas.

Regarding shipping, any item purchased on Xtralife before 6:00 p.m. will be shipped the same day and received within 24 hours. And in fact, if you live in Barcelona, ​​same-day delivery is available, so your Christmas purchases will be sure to arrive on time. You can visit the official Xtralife site here.

Online video game stores

Finally, if you’re in a hurry to buy gifts, you can always purchase a digital game through one of the top platforms out there (Steam, GoG, Origin, etc.) With tons of Christmas discounts, they’re a quick and affordable way to get a gift for someone on your list. To do that, simply buy the video game of your choice and mark it as a gift.

The top digital gaming platform on the market is Steam, but it’s not the only one worth visiting. Below is a detailed article on the most popular online gaming stores around.


We hope our roundup of online stores for last-minute Christmas shopping has been helpful to you. Is there any other store you’d like to recommend to our readers? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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